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In today’s competitive world selling your products in the market is not easy unless you have a monopoly.
There are companies who employ a large Sales force to ensure their products are available at the right place, at the right time, for the right price and only than we have a successful team.

Each Sales person will be on the edge as they have budgets to meet in the areas they have been assigned. As it happens in every company there are certain people that do very well while others have to be pushed or cannot just make it.

At Taibjee Consultants we look at each person employed as a person fully capable of performing and meeting the sales targets if given the correct training and information through continuous monitoring via a scientific method which is based on facts and figures.

We do offer specialized focused training for the Sales and Marketing teams to ensure an energized workforce that understands what the customer wants so that there is a world class service and each transaction with the company is a pleasure to do business with.

Some of the good Sales persons, have few things in common:

  • Passion for the profession
  • The right attitude to get the job done
  • Qualities of good professional
  • Identifying the customer’s needs etc

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